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The opportunity to serve our public schools is a great privilege, and I hope to earn your support for another term. Here are some of the things that I think are important.


From the birth of our first son in 1994 to our daughter’s graduation in May, my family has benefitted from the services provided by the Edina schools. With a sense of deep gratitude for what we have received, I would like to continue the work of all those before me who contributed time, energy, and wisdom to create and maintain the finest school district in the state of Minnesota.


My oldest child is 23. Public education in Minnesota has been underfunded by the state over the course of his entire life. Maintaining the quality of public education in spite of persistent underfunding is a challenge that requires careful attention to detail and creative solutions. I have served on the Board’s finance committee for four years, and I am proud of my contributions to ensuring that the District operates on a fiscally sound basis without sacrificing educational programming. Unfortunately, these fiscal challenges will be continuing.

Climate Change

Climate change is the most significant problem facing our children. It is going to impact their economic opportunities, health, and overall quality of life. School districts must be part of the solution. The Edina school district needs to decrease its carbon footprint, recognize and address the feelings of sadness and helplessness that many of our students are feeling, and prepare and empower our students to make positive contributions.

Diversity and Inclusion

All of our children have the right to feel safe and welcomed in our schools and to have equal opportunities to succeed. To ensure success, we must be able to consistently and meaningfully identify and address the gifts and challenges unique to each child. That is our primary function as a school district. If we fail to meet the needs of any of our students, we have failed in our mission.

Teachers and Families

There are two primary reasons for the District’s success. Teachers are one of them. Our teachers need to feel empowered in their classrooms and work under conditions that support job satisfaction. Families are the other reason. Families need to understand what is happening in the District, feel empowered to speak, and be confident that their voices are heard and their concerns acted upon.